A Gifted Brilliant Mind at Work for the Welfare of Haiti.

Geologist Jocelyn David : A Gifted Brilliant Mind at Work for the Welfare of Haiti

(From Earthquake Prediction to Daily Electricity for at least 60% of the Population)

By Mireille Sylvain- David

December 111, 2014

Dear Friends,

While politicians in Haiti are fighting for power and control, in Miami, many scientists are working hard to offer help to the country in different fields to slowly alleviate hardships. Some of them have not kept silence but the authorities and leaders in Haiti are not listening. I have the feeling that they see the professionals living abroad as a threat. From my personal view point, not all Haitian experts living abroad are looking for jobs or competing with the politicians. The ones that I know, simply, want to help and share their expertise for the welfare of the people.

For instance, four years ago, my husband Geologist Jocelyn David, Former Chairman of the Haitian-American Association of Engineers and Scientists (HAES) in December 2009, has predicted the deadly earthquake of January 12, 2010 during an interview with Elizabeth Guerin in Bonjour Haiti at Radio Mega. When Ms Guerin asked him what were his concerns for the environment in Haiti now that the hurricane season has ended, he answered: “Port-au -Prince and the Metropolitan area would face an earthquake sooner or later.” His assumption was based on the facts that a place used to earthquakes is definitely going to get it again. “In Geology, there are no way you can exactly say when an earthquake is occurring but you can help save the populations’ life like they are doing in California.” All year long before the earthquake, he said to stop the anarchic constructions in diverse interviews with Alex St. Surin, CEO of Radio Mega and Pierre Nazon Beaulière, Reporter of Voice of America. My dear friends, my husband is not a politician lobbying for an official position in Haiti, but according to many people, he is a scientist with a gifted brilliant mind who is continuously studying and conducting research to better understand nature and sharing his findings with all of us.

Not too long ago, in a presentation at Haiti en Livres, in Miami, organized by Herve Fanini Lemoine, Geologist Jocelyn David predicted that an Earthquake and possibly a Tsunami might occur in the Northern side of Hispaniola which will affect the entire coast line cities such as Cap-Haitian and its surroundings and in-land cities such as Santiago de Los Caballeros in Dominican Republic. He explained to the audience that might occur in this area because of the movement of the tectonic plates. “The bottom line,” he concluded, is to teach the population to do prevention especially in the quality of new constructions and to have some earthquake drills in the schools for preparedness and survival.

I want to share with you that, my husband also confirmed to me and to certain people that he is having a method on how to use energy to give electricity to at least 60% ( percent) of the country. So far, no one has paid attention because many people in power have not seen where they are going to gain profit about the project. Again, this is not about profit, it is about taking the population from the burden of permanent blackout to electricity. By the way, a scientist job is not easy, he needs time, money, manpower and confidence to back up the evidence and reach to the conclusion.

I am talking about my husband and you might think that I am bias but I am the one who is witnessing his work and his late night researches. I can also talk about the Haitian American- Association of Engineers and Scientists of Miami which my husband is a former chairman and currently a member of the Board of Directors. Those scientists are academically and experience wise very well prepared. Besides their daily duty as engineers for American Companies or at their private companies they are doing volunteer work to help Haiti. For instance, they can help with water management, modern constructions, erosion, roads maintenance and construction. But guess what! No one in Haiti has ever contacted them; instead, they have contacted foreigners from other countries to give contracts. Besides this lack of fair-play from the Haitian politicians, actually, those engineers are working diligently to donate a science lab to the Lycee Pinchinat, a high-school in the city of Jacmel. In fact, Geologist Jocelyn David is the project director of the lab.

To conclude, I would say, wake- up Haitians; we do not need to be president or prime-minister or minister to help Haiti. Here in the Diaspora, we have in many fields a gallery of qualified people who can assist Haiti and willing to work closely and professionally with the local experts.

Have a Wonderful Holiday Season

Mireille (Mimi)


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