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Pikliz .com website could benefit your business and we are pleased to outline the scope and importance of our present coverage as well as the potential increase in our readership which is likely to parallel the ever increasing explosion created by the internet.

Since its inception some five years ago, Pikliz has attained outstanding growth as evidenced by the increasing number of visitors who consult our site on a regular basis. Such visitors are found to have different areas of interest and will spend time between the great numbers of subject matters found therein.  We offer a diversified array of subjects ranging from local and world news coupled with editorials from every viewpoint to cultural as well as artistic coverage based on an international perspective.  The subjects discussed within the different categories are informative on topics such as health, art and culture, true stories as well as subject of moral character.  As a result of the constant addition of new categories of subjects being offered to the site, our influence is being felt in communities all over the world and by word of mouth; the message is being spread that almost anything can now be found in the “pages” of Pikliz.

  • The number of hits is registered at approximately 17 millions / month (Figures will be provided if needed). Our most popular links are the “Home Page, “News Page” where items coming from reliable media sources are presented in an objective, unbiased manner.  This has in turn given us a solid reputation of fairness in reporting the news, without partisan influence.  Any company with exposure within our news pages will undoubtedly attract the attention of our readers.
  • Our readership is constituted for the most part of young mature adults with sophisticated taste for quality and would be constantly reminded by a promotion focusing on that section.  With an average of 1000 visitors daily visiting our photo gallery,, the amount of exposure is considerable. An extraordinary photo gallery of historical and artistic value adorns our pages and offers the visitors the possibility of viewing thorough some 50,000 photographs. This gallery has its own set of visitors and by itself generates additional traffic.
  • In addition to receiving visitors in our site, we undertake an electronic mail targeting selected individuals, approximately 2000 people located all over the world are addressed this way, and this could be another effective vehicle to promote by attaching a banner, advertising the name to the news briefs.

The list as you see goes on and on in the number of ways you could receive exposures through an advertising campaign with It would be a pleasure for us to advise and discuss with your business the package that will fit your needs. If would be one of your options don’t hesitate to contact us


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