Elizabeth Guérin joins the University of Miami’s prestigious Caribbean Oral History Collection.

Elizabeth Guérin joins the University of Miami’s prestigious Caribbean Oral History Collection









Elizabeth Guerin with President Barack Obama.

Elizabeth Guérin, who has made a name for herself after having lived in the formative shadow of her mother —famous Haitian playwright and writer Mona Guérin— has been added to the University of Miami’s Caribbean Oral History Collection for her lasting and multifaceted contribution to the community. This collection, hosted at the university’s library, is an anthology of interviews granted by a constellation of Haitian personalities from a wide range of professional fields.

This is another great achievement for Ms. Guérin who has been a public figure since she was a little girl. She started her TV and radio career at the age of 8. At 15, she acted in Woy Les Voilà, Haiti’s most popular radio soap opera in which she played no less than nine different characters. She then went on to pioneer the first Haitian TV show with a live audience, A Découvert, in which guests from different social backgrounds were invited to debate issues until then considered taboo.

Since 2002, Ms. Guérin has been hosting Bonjour Haiti, an extremely popular morning show, in South Florida. The show debuted on Radio Carnivale —the first 24-hour Haitian station in South Florida— before moving to Radio Mega. She was also instrumental in the creation of the first ‘round the clock TV station in the diaspora, HTN Network. She served as the station’s anchor, producer and director of programming.   In 2006, she started Imaginart, a marketing and production firm catering to the needs of advertisers in several American states, in a slew of markets. Imaginart is a successful agency whose principal aim is to bridge the gap between the Haitian community and American corporations.

Ms. Guérin is also the producer and co-host of Haitian News, a weekly TV program on NBC Cozi in Florida, the only Haitian program on a major American TV outlet. She shares the show’s set with her husband, DJ Nicky Mix, and daughter Christalie Parisot.
As a media personality who proudly serves as an ambassador to our community, Ms. Guérin has met a great number of American personalities, including President Obama (see our picture), to move our agenda forward.  She has also received numerous awards and recognitions in Florida, New York and Montreal.

Frandley Julien
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