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As most of you who live in the SF Bay Area already know, a section of the freeway maze in the East Bay, a mile east of the Bay Bridge collapsed early this morning, allegedly as a result of a tanker truck explosion at about 3:40 AM this morning, April 29, 2007.


Given the importance of this transportation web to the economic welfare of the area and its centrality to its commuting network, speculation is rife – especially among conspiracy theorists who form a particularly strong community centered at the well-known radical radio station KPFA – as to what happened and who is behind it.


Rejecting outright the conventional theory that the tanker truck explosion brought down the overpass due to the failure of its steel girders, conspiracy theorists claim that the steel could not have failed as claimed because the temperature of the resulting fireball was below the melting temperature of steel. Something else did it, including:


  • Ø Some sort of controlled demolition with explosive charges placed at strategic locations along the structure in order to bring down such a long segment. There are rumors circulating that a commando of pro-conspiracy experts is being assembled that will visit the site tonight to retrieve bits and pieces of metal and concrete before these are collected by the authorities and shipped to China or Taiwan, never to be seen again.  This is the only way to insure that these samples are properly analyzed to demonstrate that controlled demolition was indeed the culprit.
  • Ø An experiment with a beam weapon went out of control at the Lawrence Hall of Science — located less than 5 miles away as the crow flies – and simply zapped the structure by mistake. Pro-conspiracy activists are looking into this angle with great eagerness, convinced as they are that nothing is beyond the capabilities of the brilliant but goofy scientists affiliated with that no-good institution.
  • Ø Last but not least, the structure was brought down by a missile fired from an experimental drone launched from a US Navy nuclear submarine on patrol just west of the Farallon Islands.  At about the time the incident took place, some witnesses – to be precise a couple of homeless people camping in the shopping complex nearby – heard the noise of an engine – it sounded like a lawn-mower — of what they took to be some sort of plane.


But who might have been behind this dastardly act?


Rejecting outright the idea that this was simply an accident, many already speculate that one of 3 groups was probably behind this act of sabotage, including:


  • Ø A Christian Fundamentalist cabal wanting to punish the people of the Bay Area for their irresponsibility as voters and the immorality of the leaders they elect, especially in San Francisco,
  • The Halliburton crowd in bed with the military/industrial complex seeking new venues in which to apply its well-honed construction savvy amply demonstrated in Iraq where opportunities may very well have peaked.   Reconstruction of that structure is likely to bring premium dollars to whomever lands the contract. There will be great urgency to do the job fast and to hell with the cost.
  • Ø A local branch of Al Qaida hell-bent on bringing its terror campaign to that particularly decadent segment of the Christian world.    Some witnesses have allegedly reported to the police the presence on the site of the crime of foreign-looking characters wearing strange Kaffiye-like head scarves and speaking English with a very strong accent, somewhat of a cross between Dr. Henry Kissinger’s accent and Muhamar Al Khadafi’s.


That last interpretation is rejected with great vehemence by the conspiracy theorists, convinced as they are that homegrown thugs eager to make a fast buck or strike a blow for God are behind the dastardly act.


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