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tico_armand_1411-225x300That Earthquake that took place is part of me. I am known as one of the poorest in the Western Hemisphere, I am known as many things that depicts ugliness, I am a mockery of their perception of me, me who was the first black nation to gain independence in Latin America.

I am Haiti.

Born to a family with little to nothing, I was chosen from the womb to be GREAT!! Not perfect but perfectly settled within my imperfections. Left Haiti at a very young age to the streets of Brooklyn where life was tough. Didn’t grow up with a mom or dad therefore, I learned quickly to appreciate what I did have.

Modeling came to play because it allowed me to step out of the reality of truth and embrace a world of fantasy where the illusion is that everything is perfect. I enjoyed that world of fantasy and it became my everything it’s my avenue to express a part of me that many would not understand without a captured image. I’ve been honored and blessed to have worked with some prominent photographers in this industry. I enjoy and love what I do. Every time I embrace a camera I open up my soul so I can tell a story through that image. I’ve met many upon this journey and as I continue to meet, I embrace. I want to be a power house for young girls, women, mothers and child alike to let them know that sometimes our worst mistakes can be our best and just to never give up on life and allow life to give up to you!!

I’m a God fearing woman that’s passionate, driven, I love hard, I’m a goofball, I’m practical, I’m observant but most important I’m a big kid enjoying the runway of life with my heels in one hand, my heart in the other and my head angled for success.


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